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This is in response to this bullshit

ROFL I knew you were a dumbshit loser, but I didn't think you'd be stupid enough to talk shit online, shoulda known better. So you don't believe my car is that fast? Bring your dad's saleen, $1000, and some balls, and lets race. I'll run you with my street car, not even with the fast one. Oh shit, forgot, you don't have any balls, you're a pussy ass bitch who won't say anything to anyone's face. I guess we won't be seeing you at the races then...

For the record though, you're fucking stupid. Supras have an inline 6, not a V6. Turbos aren't rated to a given PSI, either. Most high powered race cars have automatic transmissions, and in fact, the car in question has a built transmission with mostly GM parts. Also, the larger the turbo you have, the more lag you have, so you need nitrous MORE, not less. Also, all dynojets can handle 1200 rwhp. How the fuck do you talk shit when you drive a ford escort? To sum it all up, you're a real piece of work, probably the dumbest motherfucker i've ever met, not too many people are able to count to their IQ with their fingers... I feel sorry for your parents, thank god for natural selection..